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Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Original Palette Knife Paintings & Museum Grade Prints by Susanna Shap

Shipping, Returns & General Info

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All Shipping Includes Insurance and a Tracking #

USA DOMESTIC SHIPPING: (50 contiguous united states): FREE

Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APO Addresses: please contact for shipping options/availability, will depend on size, so mention your city, state, zip/postal code and the link to the product, size(s) and any other details that will help me obtain a shipping quote in the fastest possible way: susanna@modernhouseart.com

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:  Please note, most sizes/surfaces can be shipped to most countries with the specified shipping fee, including most of Europe, there are some  exceptions where either a certain size cannot be shipped to a certain  country, or can be but the shipping would cost anywhere from 300-700. If  by some chance that turns out to be the case, you will be notified with  the details and and options to either pay whatever the fee turns out to  be or cancel the order right away.

If you live Internationally  or outside the 48 Contiguous US States, please contact with your SIZE choice and Country/City and Postal Code for a shipping quote. Some sizes are too large to ship Internationally so I have to add International shipping options upon request and availability, sometimes a shipping forwarder that I am partnered with is used as a viable relatively affordable option for what may otherwise have not been feasible to ship for certain sizes and international locations such as some European countries, Australia amongs many others. Stretched Canvas Prints are prepared, packaged and shipped out within approximately 3-5  business days.

Return/Exchange Policy:

-First and foremost, I am not strict on returns or exchanges, however, I am not Amazon Prime, and lately I have seen a trend that has been being ingrained in customers where some individuals take advantage of A-Z return policies such as Amazon's and then when they purchase from anyone/anyplace else, they have the same expectations, to the point of being downright rude to the individual artists/owners of small businesses such as mine. So I will reiterate, when you are purchasing artwork from an individual artist, especially a legitimate one and not a Chinese art factory posing as an individual artist on places like amazon, that copies/pastes/photo shops out signatures from photos of art, uses them to make a sale and then ships out junk that looks nothing like the photo, keep in mind I am not a huge corporation like amazon that works on quantity or that has the luxury of saying yes to every single whim of a customer in the fear of possibly loosing said customer at the expense of then cutting corners on their back-end later that no one ever sees such as lower quality items, lowering their employees salaries and god knows what else.

Having said this...The following is the return policy/exchange that I have developed so that it is fair and balanced for both sides:

-Please read all descriptions carefully before ordering, all information is purposefully made clear everywhere on my website so there is no room for error or mistakes. All sizes are clearly displayed everywhere. Prints on canvas are clearly labelled as such, original paintings are clearly labelled as such, and any other items that may be posted in the future will be clearly labelled and described objectively as what they are. I do not "juice up" my photographs to make the colors appear more vibrant, I specifically do not use flowery language and stay away from artistic lingo fluff, I find it an intentional distraction many artists and none artist use to hype up a product to make it "feel" like it is more then what it is which can lead to disappointment when the actual product is received, and the end result is issues neither I nor the customer want nor need to deal with or waste time on. Now we can get down to the "meat and potatoes"

-Returns and/or exchanges are accepted for the following reasons:

*Damage in Shipping on an original painting or hand created item

*Wrong Item accidentally shipped

*Significantly different in color or otherwise- For Example, an original painting looks different in person then in the photos- With original paintings there is always the possibility because of the difficulty in photographing an original right off the easel, it may look slightly different on the screen then in person due to any number of possible variables, especially because each one being unique due to the nature of hand-painting/stroke direction/some having metallic paint, lighting condition differences at my location and your wall, etc, I will accept a return for an original with a full refund issued including all shipping costs, I feel that is fair since buying an original, especially in the style I do, sight unseen can make one a bit nervous and I would not want someone to keep an expensive original that they do not truly enjoy. So any original, handmade/painted items on my website have an unconditional return policy, just contact me, let me know the reason so that I know for my own records if there is something I can improve on in the future and a return and consequent refund (or exchange for something else if you prefer) will be arranged. PLEASE do not throw out any of the original packaging so that you can use it to easily ship back.

*CANVAS PRINTS- All prints are created from the exact image you see on the website, except they are created from a giant high resolution file version not available online- you will not receive a low quality pixalated blow up stretched to the max blurry print, my prints are crisp and sharp due to the method I used to create the original file from either my previously sold original artworks, original photographs and original digital art, there are no variations in color or quality. However in the remote chance that a print is received damaged, significantly different color/hue, errors in the printing process, damage in the stretcher bars etc, please contact me for options. In most cases the best way to correct the issue will be a speedy replacement/exchange with any shipping costs covered on my end. The need for this rarely happens, but it has happened as sometimes certain things in the printing/shipping process are not within my personal control. 

Returns are not accepted due to buyer error, misreading, error in expectations such as size (sizes are shown in inches so please make sure you measure your space to know the right size for you) or buyer expectations of receiving an original when a listing clearly labels which are prints (flat giclee iris prints on canvas) vs originals (hand-painted/textured etc) The reason I am reiterating this is because this has happened so many times when a person would not read what is clearly put all over the listing, title, I go as far as putting some words in CAPS and even then somehow I've had people say "I was expecting X" when the page was screaming "Z", some make their own assumptions and then there are all kinds of hassles, returns, delays, and sometimes even misplaced ill feelings all around. I prefer someone not make a purchase then have to go through all that because of a simple mistake due to not reading what is on the page.

Solicitations for donations of artwork:

I have a select charities I donate money to on my own based on my beliefs and principles. Now, I do make some exceptions, if you are a legitimate charity, please send me proof, information on your charity, I will check charity navigator on what percentage is actually used on the charity work, I'm not a newbie at this, so I will know what's what. Please do not try to convince me of how huge your event will be and how many people will be at your auction and how displaying my art will "help/bring me more fame or business"- If I choose donate, it is not for those reasons so that "line" is a bit insulting and I just won't respond to your email. If at the time of your request I have the time/capability to donate an artwork of my choice then I will always do my best to get it to you in time if I feel your sale of it will actually truly help someone in need, be it human, abused women, children, cats, dogs, birds, trees, unicorns, schools, the environment or the universe at large. I stay away from political and religious, but with all things, I try to remain flexible and open minded so it always depends on how important I feel something is. 


please do not contact me for items to put on your blog giveaways as a "promotion of my art" - Thank you in advance!

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